What can Google tell me about lists?

I’m not the only person in world to have developed the possibly unfortunate habit of googling whenever I have a question of some sort. That’s how it’s going with lists, for me. Try it yourself, Google lists. As you’re doing it, wonder (as I did), “Is Google really anything more than a huge list of every (Google-able) web page in the internets?”

What struck me was the distribution of the top ten results that Google gave me. Craigslist.org was not the top result–it came in at number two. I was a bit surprised that Angie’s List came in at 4. The biggest surprise was that two of the top ten were references to writing lists in HTML.

Google’s most interesting list links pointed to web services for things you can do with lists.

But what I really wanted was to find out more about how lists work, how people work with lists, any information science theories about lists. When I google those types of things, I still wind up with lists: lists of information science theories, for example.

I’m open to suggestions, at this point.

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