Interesting list apps

There’s a particular application that I want in the worst possible way, but if I can’t find it I’ll just go ahead and make it myself (if I can figure out how to actually do that). Meanwhile, I keep searching for list-oriented applications. Here are a few that I’ve found so far:

  • Remember the Milk of course.
  • List of Bests is sort of interesting. You can look at other people’s lists, make your own lists, and compare your progress on particular lists.
  • Listography is more interesting. Everyone can go ahead and make and share their own lists, checking off items after they’ve been “done”. Or look at other people’s lists.
  • List Organizer, a seriously commercial site, I haven’t really delved into because it’s so insistent. But there are some “fill-in” lists you can see the kind of thing on offer, and presumably if you like it you can go ahead and subscribe for more.
  • Ta-da Lists (from 37signals), looks to be a quick way to make a lot of lists. If you want more (and are willing to pay for it), there is also from 37signals, Backpack. Multi-user, more features, but it’ll cost you.
  • Dunnit! is an iPhone app that might be interesting if I had an iPhone.
  • GQueues is Google’s entry in the simple list making market. It’s worth a look.
  • Epic Win is a very clever tool for turning the chores on your ridiculous to-do lists into quests in the video game of life.
  • Doomi, another simple listmaker.

In addition to the list-application type sites, there are plenty of the kind of article that basically do nothing more than list a bunch of things about the topic; in this case, lists of websites that have to do with lists (among many other types of lists). Those articles are a subject for another day. Kind of like this article, actually.

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