Maps and more places to imagine than you can imagine

OK, here are three links that you might find interesting:

  • Fantasy Cartography is all about maps to places that have only been imagined. In other words, "…a collection of maps from various fantasy and science fiction works for your viewing." You might want to see if your favorite book or series is included–or do what I’m going to do, which is to browse the maps to find new books and series that look interesting!
  • Ryhiner Collection includes very old maps of actual places. Lots of them. Not a flashy, user-friendly, interface, but if you have some patience you can browse some very interesting places in history.
  • Finally, you may be familiar with the City of Ember books; we’ve read them here, and they’re pretty good. You’ll be hearing a lot more about it, since the movie is due out in October. It’s about a city that exists underground, and it’s good. And if you like to think about what there is underground, there’s the City of Ember Underground blog, with lots of articles and pictures about underground worlds.
  • Oh, and another one about the underground: Mysterious Chinese Tunnels. Are they truth or myth? Good story.

Enjoy–and let me know if you know of other good websites like these!

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