When work really is play!

I’ve been working with computers for a really long time–and almost from the very beginning, people who do work with computers have also been using those computers to play games.

Up to now, it’s just been a dream to imagine that you could turn boring chores into games: blast aliens instead of cutting the grass, for example.

But now we’ve got Games with a purpose (Gwap). They haven’t yet rendered it possible for me to give up on my job and just play games, but they’re working on getting computers to be better at the kind of problems that have always been tough for computers but easier for people.

What kind of things? For example, being able to pick out objects or people in a picture, or guessing words or describing songs. The games pair you up with another player, and the results go into a big database (I suppose) that will eventually make computers that much more more like people!

I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords!

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