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Why I Love Asus

The Eee PC is an awesome little laptop, very capable and very portable. On top of that, it’s got enough fans to generate its own version of Ubuntu. That’s fine for being mobile, but not so great for home. I’ve … Continue reading

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Strange Maps

Strange Maps is one of the reasons for the utter awesomeness of the Internets. It’s also one of the reasons I have such a hard time getting work done. If you have any interest in history or politics or science … Continue reading

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Spectacular Saturn

(Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech; click the pic for a bigger version) I stumbled across this very neat article on the other day: Cassini Nears Four-year Mark. I know, it doesn’t sound very interesting–but look at the link for more pictures … Continue reading

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When work really is play!

I’ve been working with computers for a really long time–and almost from the very beginning, people who do work with computers have also been using those computers to play games. Up to now, it’s just been a dream to imagine … Continue reading

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Looking to the stars!

I can think of few things more exciting than hearing about discovering a new object in the skies that is unlike anything ever seen before. Like this: Strange Ring Found Circling Dead Star. What could it mean? What do you … Continue reading

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Highway interchange

A set of Japanese interchange photos. This is an awesome set of photographs taken in and around a highway interchange, in Japan. It’s mesmerizing, at least to me–and breathtaking in a strange way. For one thing, the whole thing is … Continue reading

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More Linux Tips from IBM

There are good reasons so many Linux wizards like, no, LOVE the command line. If you know what you’re doing, it can be way faster and easier to use than fiddling around with mouse pointers and windows and so on. … Continue reading

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