More fun and games (and some learning?)

Casual gaming is very big these days, and my current favorite is Bloxorz. But if that’s not to your taste, here are some links/games that you might prefer:

  • In case you never played Asteroids, here’s a game that kind of reminds me of that old game: Vector Wars. My twitch/response isn’t so good, so I don’t usually go for this kind of thing, but it is well done.
  • Chronotron. Wow. If you’ve ever wished you could slow down (or go back in) time, this game is for you. Have your "present" self do stuff, and then have your time-traveling self take advantage of the results.
  • Want to boost your IQ just by playing a game? Yeah, me too until I realized I didn’t really understand how to play. But maybe you’ll do better! IQ boost with dual n-back task explains it all, along with links to the science as well as the game itself.

Finally, here is a list of 26 "make the world a better place" games, that might not be so appealing to youngsters (or oldsters) looking for a diversion. Nevertheless, you might want to try them out anyway: 26 Learning Games to Change the World.

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