Food on the brain…

The good cooking links just keep on coming. Look out for a new page on this site, soon, that’ll have all of these great cooking and recipes links. For now, try these:

  • Tasty Planner‘s "gimmick" is that you can build a meal plan for your family, and then generate a shopping list for those meals. I kind of figured there was some Web 2.0 hook to this site, but I love checking in just to see the gorgeous photos of delicious food.
  • Simply Recipes, the work of Elise Bauer, is a personal cooking/recipe blog/website, with just a few hundred recipes–but what delicious looking recipes. Another place to go when you’re looking for ideas about what’s for dinner. I’m looking forward to trying this one out: Sesame Fish Sticks. Yum, yum.
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