Games, games, games. And fun!

Here are some more interesting gaming links I’ve run across over the past few weeks:

  • Turret Defense Games is the place to go if you want to find out more about turret defense games and where you can find some good ones.
  • The Intersection of Gaming and Futurama is a little linky article from Slashdot that points to good stuff about how geeky the people behind Futurama actually are.
  • Another link-i-ful article, this one from Wired: The Compleat Gamer Geek’s Guide to Futurama.
  • Ponder This is a very geeky site from IBM. They say, "You are cordially invited to match wits with some of the best minds in IBM Research." Every month they offer a challenge, and the next month they offer the solution. Check it out, if you dare. There’s an archive of past problems/solutions, but be warned, this is serious stuff with mathematics and all.
  • This one isn’t so much a game as a cool description of a puzzle we’ve all pondered: Adventures in Stacking examines the ways you can cantilever stacked blocks (click the link and you’ll see what I mean).

That’s about it, for now. Enjoy! And let us know about your favorite games.

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