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More Cookery

Cookthink is a Web 2.0-style recipe site: you tell it what you’re thinking about eating, it tells you what to cook. Thinking about what to do with that chicken or chicory in the fridge? Have a yen for something Chinese … Continue reading

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What NOT to do with your old computers

Why throw away your old obsolete PCs when you can re-purpose them as a file/print server, firewall or some other single-purpose appliance? People have been doing this forever–at least since about 1988, when those old dual-floppy IBM 5150 PCs started … Continue reading

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Looking for a good read?

Think you know all the good books for kids? Sometimes you can fill in the spaces with lists like these from the Telegraph ("Britain’s No.1 quality newspaper website"). Don’t get too excited, though, it’s 100 books altogether, not 100 books … Continue reading

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Award-winning Fractals

Check out the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007 results. I can’t stop looking at this one, Spiral Fantasy, by Alfred Laing, but they all are incredible. I just wish they had bigger versions on the website, and a good … Continue reading

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Encryption with Ubuntu, Two Looks

There are tons of reasons to use encryption on your computers, especially if you store sensitive information on them. But I won’t go into that stuff right now. I will point you to a couple of how-to pages that explain … Continue reading

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Papercraft Miniatures Bug Strategy Game

If you like miniatures games, papercraft, and coloring, keep your eyes on Papercrafted‘s upcoming release, Big Big Battles. It looks pretty neat: you cut out and color in the playing pieces, and the rules sound intriguing. For more updates, information … Continue reading

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More Math Games and Fun

Here’s a neat place to find math fun: Wild About Math! Sol Lederman, a guy who just loves math, shares things like 8 really fun paper and pencil Math games as well as reviews of math texts and math blogs, … Continue reading

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Linux Directory Structure

Want to know more about the directory structure that Linux uses? Like, why it’s that way, and how it works? Here’s an article that might be worth starting with: Linux Directory Structure. But definitely consider that a start, because the … Continue reading

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Desktop Environment, or Window Manager?

One of the many puzzling things about Linux, at least if you’re a typical end-user (like me), is figuring out what the difference is between a desktop environment and a window manager. But puzzle no longer after you read this: … Continue reading

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Recipes, online

Are you tired of the same old, same old meals? At a loss as to what you can do to get your kids (or parents) to eat healthy? Try this: Allrecipes claims to have 40,000 recipes online, not to mention … Continue reading

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