Casual Gaming

People enjoy games: we’ve got a bunch of handhelds and a couple of consoles, with plenty of games, but the boys still enjoy going online and gaming on the web. It turns out that there’s an actual name for these online games meant to be played on the fly or in between tasks: Casual Gaming.

Here’s a Slate article about the phenomenon: Play Free or Die, with pointers to some good ones, as well as a link to casual gaming portal websites like , Casual Gameplay and  Wrigley’s Candystand.

You can go and explore on your own, but I’ve pulled some links from those articles (and other sources), and I’ll be updating my Games page to include many more of these cool games, along with short reviews. In the meantime, check these out:

  • the Tall Stump, a side-scroller (you know, like Mario) with unearthly sound and basic graphics.
  • Guest House is a "locked room" game, where you find yourself in a locked room and have to get out by mousing around and clicking on different things you find there. Similar to the games I pointed to in Point and click fun a while back.
  • Aunts and Butlers is an Infocom-style text-only game: you read, and then you type in simple commands (e.g., directions or "look" to see what’s going on around you). Very retro, but charming.

And here’s another portal for casual games: Good Experience Games, and another game to try: Desktop Tower Defense.

Do you have any good gaming links to share?

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