Reuse is always better than recycling

Do you ever check out what’s in the piles of trash set out in your neighborhood on garbage collection day? Around my home, I see an awful lot of good stuff that still has plenty of use in it–people just toss out the stuff they no longer want or need, even if someone else could use it.

That’s why I like to use Freecycle to make sure the stuff we no longer use or need can find a new home. Not to mention that sometimes we can get stuff we need/want from our neighbors, for nothing.

But we’re fortunate to be in a community with a reasonably active Freecycle group; here is an article from Co-op America about 21 Things You Didn’t
Know You Can Recycle
. Did you know there’s a way to recycle toothbrushes? Tyvek envelopes? I didn’t.

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