An interestingly shaped thing. Very interesting.

This is called a Gomboc (from the Hungarian Gömböc). Here’s an article from Metafilter; here’s a picture from Wikipedia.

And here’s a Gomboc website that’s mostly in Hungarian, with some more pictures. Can you find more interesting pictures or articles about this special shape?

Some have noted the similarity of the gomboc to the shape of turtles: this may have something to do with the gomboc’s special property. It’s got two positions in which it can balance, one stable, the other not. In other words, it’s good for turtles to be shaped like a gomboc because most of the time they’re in the stable position (flat side down), so they don’t often stumble or turn over. But when they do get turned over, they eventually land on their unstable position–which means that they can easily flip over to the stable position.

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