Point and click fun

Do you remember point and click gaming? You know, like old Freddy Fish et al style PC games you might have played as a little kid
(or played with your little kid). You move your arrow/mouse pointer
over a frame, and when it turns into a "hand", you click to do
something. I find them very compelling, perhaps because they are so
simple. You can collect things that will help you on your quest; you
can move around a landscape, one frame at a time; and you can get help
from the walkthrough pages (or the discussions).

Here’s a good place to start: Top 10 point and click Games. I have yet to explore all of these, but they all look intriguing, with interesting (and quite varied) graphical styles, as well as an assortment of surprises in the way they explore this deceptively simple game form.

Represented in this list twice is Pastel Games, home to quite a few more of these games, including several produced as series.

I like these a lot, mostly because they engage the intellect so well–and reward performance with exciting and interesting surprises.

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