Ever Wondered about the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy?

The Linux filesystem hierarchy (link to Wikipedia/Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) can be confusing: just what is all that stuff, and how does it work? Making things even more confusing are the slight (or not so slight) variations in the hierarchy that you may encounter with different Linux distributions.

It’s one of those things that just, apparently, are, and that don’t seem to call for explanation. It’s not often you come across any articles or discussions of them, in the normal course of things, but here’s an article that got me started on thinking about it: /usr is flawed.

Even before getting into the details of the flaws, though, the author gives us two gifts: first, a rough summary of the major components of the Linux filesystem hierarchy, and a link to a specification for the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

No, I don’t have any more to say about the question of whether or not /usr is flawed, but I do think it’s worth spending some time studying up on just what the Linux filesystem hierarchy is.

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