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How to Install Ubuntu, With More of What You Want

Writing an article about "how to install Linux" is easy, because the basic installation of just about every Linux distribution I’ve ever seen is easy: choose your language, keyboard, time zone, choose the disk/partition to install it on, choose your … Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater 3000

Do you like to laugh at bad old movies? I do, and so do the people who were behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a.k.a, MST3K). Here’s a link to the Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Web Site. The premise of … Continue reading

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Starship Size Comparator

Here’s a link to a star ship size comparison chart. It’s fascinating because it mixes science fiction and science fact. Interesting, and sad, because it shows just four actual vessels created by humans, so far, and they are all minuscule … Continue reading

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More Vista Misery

Well, I hate to gloat, but it kind of goes with the territory of not using Microsoft brand software. And there’s all that FUD to counteract, as well. So, do you think that if you avoid Linux you can enjoy … Continue reading

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Cool new open source-based businesses

Some new and interesting businesses built around open source software popped up on my radar screen today: Beanstalk is a hosted Subversion (version control system software) system, "making it easy for anyone to setup, browse, track, and manage Subversion repositories." … Continue reading

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Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux isn’t new, and the website may not seem terribly polished, but it’s worth more than a look if you’ve got any older hardware–especially laptops–that can still be used, just not with many of the latest and greatest and … Continue reading

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Yet another example of why DRM is Bad

DRM, or digital rights management, is the software that content vendors use to punish their loyal customers and (attempt to) control piracy. It adds to the cost of the products "protected" by it, it makes those products less useful to … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 7.10 Is Almost Here!

Just two more days til Ubuntu Linux 7.10 goes live; I jumped the gun and installed the release candidate last week. Not sure how happy I am–perhaps I installed the wrong add-ins, perhaps it’s just too early. But I still … Continue reading

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My Ubuntu Page

OK, so I went ahead and switched to Ubuntu. Everyone’s talking about it and all the cool kids are using it, and I’ve wanted to start using it all the time after I tried it out a year or so … Continue reading

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Printing Adobe PDF Files, Even When They Won't Let You

This is a trick I’ve used once, a long time ago, and had to rediscover, so I"m writing it up here so I won’t have to go through this again, in the future. When you create PDF files, you can … Continue reading

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