Stop throwing stuff out

Planned Obsolescence is a waste is a starting point for figuring out where to go and what to do when your expensive stuff starts breaking–before you give up and buy a new one.

Back in the old days people bought stuff for the long haul: if it broke, you’d get it repaired, rather than just dumping it with the trash and buying a new one.

Why don’t we do this anymore? A bunch of reasons:

  • "Planned obsolescence" is part of the product design these days. Manufacturers don’t want you to fix things, they want you to buy them. They build their products with special fasteners instead of standard screws, so you can’t easily open the case. They require you to ship the broken product to their facilities rather than have dealers who can fix the products they sell. And so on.
  • Products are cheap, and human skills/time are expensive. If a DVD player only costs $100 to replace, you can’t charge $100 to fix it.
  • Where can you go to get a DVD player fixed, anyway? As noted, the dealers only sell products, they don’t fix them. There’s not much money in the fixit business.

Have you had any successes (or failures) at getting things fixed? Let’s hear about them!

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