Interesting and Different: Games

Tired of chess/checkers/Candyland? Here are some games I’ve discovered online. Some you play online, some are for playing in the real world. Enjoy:

  • Alligator Eggs looks like a lot of fun. You just need some colored paper and a good printer, and you’re off!
  • Weewar is an online mult-player strategy game that you can play anywhere with an Internet connection. You need to be invited, though. I haven’t played but it looks interesting.
  • Vox Imperium is another online strategy game that looks good and that I haven’t actually played.
  • Arimaa, a board game fun for people but not for computers. It can be played with a chess set, and was designed to be easy and enjoyable to play, but extremely difficult for computer programs.
  • Chess Tactics Tutorial, for anyone who wants to get better at chess.
  • Chore Wars is an exciting role-playing adventure game for everyone in your household! May be too intense for the younger ones, if you know what I mean.
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