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More Compiz Howto Goodness

How to: Enable compiz-fusion in Ubuntu Feisty is yet another alternative instructional to check out if you think you’re ready for the awesome graphical awesomeness of Compiz. Sure, it’s Ubuntu-specific, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Linux Security Issues

Another place holder for a new article/page: Security is a huge new topic, especially (IMO) in terms of things like encrypting personal emails. Because that would help a lot of people who get screwed over by filters and snoops (like … Continue reading

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Backing up Installed Applications

Create backup of installed packages using APTonCD from Only Ubuntu Linux, for, you guessed it, stuff about Ubuntu. Why bother? Because after you’ve installed a bunch of applications on your PC, it becomes a hassle to have to re-install those … Continue reading

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Miro: Open Source TV/Video Player

Miro is the new name for the old Democracy Player, now that it’s ready for prime-time with a 1.0 release. It’s a "free, open source internet tv and video player", and about time, too. Finally, you should be able to … Continue reading

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Linux is not Windows, redux

If you must have Windows compatibility and zero learning curve with a new OS, you should just re-install your current version of Windows. Because Linux may let you do all you can do with Windows (or more, or less, or … Continue reading

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Grep is one of those programs that’s been around forever as a part of *NIX. Its function is straightforward. Grep: searches one or more input files for lines containing a match to a specified pattern. By default, grep prints the … Continue reading

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HowtoForge: The Source for Howto Do its

Linux "howto’s", brief articles that tell you how to do some particular thing, have been around for almost as long as Linux. Now that Linux is mainstream, bloggers around the world are sharing their knowledge about how to do thing … Continue reading

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Open Standards: Another Viewpoint

If you have any questions about whether open standards are better than proprietary standards, just check the past 25 years of computer networking: if you stuck with proprietary networking protocols, you were toast. Novell is no longer in the networking … Continue reading

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Linux Performance Tuning

If you’re interested in tweaking your system, check out A three-pronged attack on performance, an article by Uruguyan systems engineer Federico Kereki, and posted on the ultimate Linux portal, Chances are good that whatever your hardware, Linux will run … Continue reading

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Linux Distro Chooser

Not sure which Linux distribution is for you? Here’s the Linux Distro Chooser. Answer ten questions, get five suggestions for Linux distributions that just may meet your needs. is another nice portal/blog site, with articles geared toward new … Continue reading

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